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Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

The Parish Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary was built on the place of a wooden church, which burnt down in 1710.

The count Rudolf of Witten had a new church brick presbytery /chancel built after the fire, the nave was added at the expense of Francis Rheinold of Andlern in 1752. The church façade is tri-axial; in the middle axis is a shallow Avant-corps with a three-storey build-up tower. A square stone portal is located in the Avant-corps with the date 1752 in the head lining and over that lays a segmented curved cornice. Under the cornice was until very recently a sandstone cartouche with the founder´s coat-of-arms. A prism tower with chamfered edges topped with a bulbous cupola and a lantern is together with the façade compositional joined to simple triangular wings. The presbytery /chancel is narrower than the nave; its mass is supplemented on the sides by rectangular outbuildings with lean-to roofs – on the evangelist side is the oratory, on the epistle side is the chapel on the ground floor. Along the circumference runs a moulded crown cornice, on the side façades of the nave and the presbytery / chancel are windows with semi-circular funicular arches. The interior is an arched barrel / wagon vault on arches with voussoirs; in the entrance is a vast brick organ loft.

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