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Obec Jeseník nad Odrou

Village symbols

Coat of arms

Coat of armsThe present coat of arms derives from the oldest municipal seal from 1768. A four-petal rose and a stalk with two leaves are depicted on this seal. It is presumed that a certain connection prevailed between the rose symbol and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, on which name the local church is consecrated.

The coat of arms consists of a silver background, where the silver colour indicates the sky, the air. The dominancy of the coat of arms is the figure of the four-petal rose in graphic transcription, which derives from the form of the rose on the seal. Compared to both of the original leaves are in the coat of arms four green leaves, which symbolises the four integrated villages. In the bottom part of the coat of arms is a horizontal interrupted blue wavy line, which represents the river Odra. Odra is a part of the village designation Jeseník nad Odrou.


FlagThe municipal flag derived from the municipal coat of arms: It consists of four vertical stripes, which are in a sequence like the colour code in the coat of arms from the bottom upward: white (which is substituted by silver in heraldic) blue, green, red. The stripes are evenly regular wide. The proportion of the height to the width is 2:3. The creator is the artist Jan Zemánek from Nového Jičína. The municipal symbols were approved by the commission of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and festively handed over to the representatives by the former Prime Minister Ing. Miloš Zeman on the 9th March 1998.

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