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Obec Jeseník nad Odrou

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Jeseník mineral water springs

Jesenický pramenThe first reports about the outflow of mineral water in Jeseník nad Odrou (Deutsch-Jassnik) date back around 1830. The outflow of mineral water was registered in Krátká čtvrt between the farmhouse Nr. 8 and 160. Then in Krátká čtvrt, where only four farmhouses existed, the mineral water had risen loosely to the surface and created wells, which people tended to stabilise with stones. Later around 1880 the mineral water was already stored into a well equipped with formwork. It was not until 1895, when a considerable attention to the mineral water was paid. In 1896 had the industrialist Artur Krizický managed to buy from the farmers a part of land even including the mineral water spring. Mr Krizický began soon after finishing building a well with manufacturing of soft drinks / lemonade, which he flavoured with lemons and sugar.

There were altogether six reservoirs – Zita, Franz, Josef, Herma, Lipový, Hedva. Today it is sparsely mineralised water, the chemical composition of the individual springs differs only a little. The presence of sulphates (circa 30 mg/l) could be mentioned, which could be related with an occasional perception of a hydrogen sulphide smell coming from the mineral water, which occurs allegedly a few times a year (especially on sultry summer days).

A hundred years ago the last Bohemian king and Austrian-Hungarian Emperor Charles I. together with the princess Zita visited the city Nový Jičín, on this occasion she christened the mineral water spring in Jeseník nad Odrou. This spring bears the official designation „Spring of the Archduchess Zita“ and the christening day fell on the 13rd to the 14th March 1912, which is documented in the archive of the Museum Novojičínska.

In 2003 the married couple Kocourkovi became the new owners of Jeseník mineral water. As they were regular purchasers and sellers of Jeseník mineral water, which is unique in its chemical composition and quality, they decided to continue in this tradition to bottle the mineral water. In the period since the last bottling until the time, when they took over the company, a period of nine years elapsed and in the present time the legislation has changed greatly then it was before. The requirements are different in regard to the depth of the underground drilling, which can be very expensive and so they decided to avoid that and reclassify it to mineral water with mineral contents.

Present designation of the spring (water): Jesenická kyselka
Character of the water: sparsely mineralised water, carbonated, cold
Hydro chemical type: HCO3 - Ca - Na
Total mineralisation: 300 mg/l
Content of gasses: CO2 - 1200 up to 1700 mg/l

GPS: 49°36'59.046"N, 17°54'24.121"E


Jesenická kyselka

Jesenická kyselka


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