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Hrabětice are located approximately 1 km from Jeseník nad Odrou in the southwest direction in the downy terrain, situated at the road from Jeseník nad Odrou to Bělotín. Hrabětice were founded in 1776 by twelve families, which farmers came from the surrounding villages on behalf of the invitation by the owner of the hranice manor, where they settled down and founded a new village in the area of the derelict estate. In 1957 they became a part of Jeseník nad Odrou.

The municipality has not an own coat of arms, on the official seal bears a heraldic count crown with nine tips topped with pearls. Cultural sights are not to be found in the village, but the most noteworthy sacred building is the chapel of Saint Václav (Wenceslas). In the village is a children´s playing ground, a log cabin for social events and a bus station. Although this village has the smallest number of residents out of all the Jeseník nad Odrou municipality´s local parts, it is not to be perceived on the number of organised social events. One cannot omit to mention a local speciality hrabětické „13“ with the taste of spruce sprouts, the biggest pine in the Kravaře region, also the hrabětický pavement, a water ram – almost a technical relic, which in the past supplied Hrabětice with water.

In 2012 Hrabětice brought out a retrospective book called "Once upon a time there was a village, Grafendorf 1776-1946". The book can be purchased in the municipal town hall in Jeseník nad Odrou or from the head of the settlement committee Mr Jurčák.

Population´s size to the 1st January 2013: 59
Land area: 4,37 km2
Altitude: 270 m n. m.
Postal code: 741 01

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