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The village is firstly mentioned in documents in 1412 as Polowssye, it belonged to the hranické manor.

In the 15th century it was together with the village Dub inscribed into the land tables (predecessor of land registry) as an independent knight estate. In that time was presumably a fort in Polouvsí, which guarded the road from Pobečví to Poodří. The population since the end of the 17th century was German; they lived of agriculture, fruit and vegetable growing. In the village was a mill and later even sawmill. It was with interruptions integrated to Jeseník. A school is firstly mentioned in 1789, after the connection to Jeseník nad Odrou however the school was closed down. Today the young children go to school in Jeseník nad Odrou, the older ones go to Suchdol nad Odrou or to Starý Jičín. After World War II it came to the expulsion of Germans and to the repopulation with newcomers mainly from Moravian Wallachia. JZD (communal farming) was founded in 1954,later it was integrated in JZD Jesenicko with residence in Jeseník nad Odrou. Today it became a part of the agricultural co-operative society / Zemědělského obchodního družstva Jesenicko and now there is a poultry farm.

The town´s seal was procured in 1766 and a deciduous tree and a house with doors and two windows are depicted on both sides.

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