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Obec Jeseník nad Odrou

Jeseník nad Odrou

Jeseník nad Odrou

The town Jeseník nad Odrou was founded in the so called "Moravian colonisation" in the 12th century by the Rajhradský monastery.

In 1169 Frederick, duke of Bohemia in Olomouc donated the yet uninhabited land around Hranice, therefore likewise the territory of Jeseník nad Odrou to the monastery. In 1201 was this region donated to the monastery Hradisko u Olomouce and by this it passed over to the hranický estate. For the first time the name of a stream "Jessennicie" is mentioned, it is not clear though, if it is anyhow related to Jeseník. It is most likely that the stated stream was called after the settlement. In the 14th century it was owned by the Lords of Kravaře. According to the document from the 2nd October 1383 the settlement was sold by Vok of Kravaře even with the magistrate´s house to the canon Vilém of Kortenlangen, who had before 1399 forwarded to the suffragan bishop Mikuláš. There already two versions of the village name: Jasenice and even Jessenyk. Already in the 13th and 14th century there has been the first perceptive German influence, when the region has been depopulated after the invasion of the Tartars and the Cumans and when it was again colonised. In 1406–1481 is the village in the hands of the Lords of Kravař and in a criminal proceeding (1406) is the name of the village stated as "Gesnyk njemeczki". Other owners since 1595: Václav Adam Podštátský of Prusinovic, (first references about the population number: 58 residents thereof 5 Czech), since 1599 Bohuš of Zvole, since 1616 evangelican Adam Šťastný Žampach of Podštejn (he participated fervidly in a rebellion), since 1639 Ludvík Tharoulle (in that time the farm Vražné was connected), since the half of the 17th century the Lords of Zvole, since 1684 Jiří Kraštof Freiherr (free Lord) of Opruskov, since 1685–1800 house of the Lords of Witten and Andlern, since 1800 the Countess Truchsess-Zeil-Frauenburg, since 1821 dr. Valentin Laminet from Opava, since 1831 František Hubert Knight Stucker of Meiersdorfu, since 1835 Emanuel Julius Roger de Resseguier Marquis of Miremontre, since 1848 Maxmilián Viktor d Hamoncóurt, since 1851 Ferdinand Zinner from Vienna, in 1892 it was inherited by Karolína of Cischini. She passed it on to her nephew Jindřich Stecher, who was its owner until 1945. An estate urbarium of the year 1650 has been preserved. In the direction to the Hůrka the Lords of Witten founded a colony called Wittenberg, which has been eradicated around the year 1818 (allegedly for trespassing / poaching in the lordship forest). Economic changes after the Thirty Years´ War could be identified by the rectification act and commission. In 1667 specifically on the 28th September was noted in the protocol, that German Jesweník had 18 landowners, who had 22-24 half acres (a half acre is 0,19 hectare), 8 three-quarter farmers with 15-21 half acres, 14 half farmers had 15 half acres and 21 smallholders or tenant farmers "who does not sow anything at all and eight of them equal one farmer". Altogether there were 61 farmers. According the revisitation protocol dated on the 1st July 1676 there were 58 farmers and it is evident out of a so called Fassionstabely zur Rektifiziérung of the year 1749, that the farmers / peasants had an even bigger acreage and a single farmer (House Nr. 9) had even 2 forest half acres. During a visitation in 1755 were in German Jeseník 3 landowners (65–60 half acres), 9 half farmers (58–54 half acres), 25 half farmers (38–31 half acres), 3 quarter farmers (22–16 half acres) and gardeners. There were 17 cottagers without grounds. In 1848 belonged to the estates the villages Jeseník and Dolní Vražné. After the emancipation from serfdom was the mayor, councillor and the town council elected together with the estate Vražné. More out of the history of Jeseník nad Odrou…

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