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Hauptmann Josef, Prof. Dr.

Hauptmann Josef, Prof. Dr.

(Died on 28th May 1929 i Jeseníku nad Odrou) The Hauptmann´s family lived in Jeseník nad Odrou (in that time called Deutsch-Jassnik) in the house Nr. 165.

Josef Hauptmann was born on the 11st November 1882. His father was a taylor / dressmaker master and tradesman. Josef Hauptmann went to the school in Jeseník and to the gymnasium in Hranice na Moravě. In Vienna he then studied philosophy, German studies and Latin. Shortly before the World War I he passed the lectureship exam. During the war he was called to arms on the front, where from he came back seriously ill. After the return from the war in 1918 he became professor at the Nový Jičín gymnasium. Apart from his teaching occupation he successfully devoted himself to literary work. In Germany he was and is up to now an appreciated expert in local folk dialects. In the German dialect of the local region he wrote the major part of his work. His work is highly appreciated not only because of the content, but also because of the linguistic view. He preserved not only the simple everyday life of common people, but also their speech, how they communicated with each other. His collection of poems is mainly written in the German dialect of Kravařsko region, called the "Die Bauerntruhe", a historical play from the countryside background "Der Rockengang" and "Huldigung der Heimat". Josef Hauptmann died in Jeseník on the 28th May 1929.

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