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Obec Jeseník nad Odrou


The village is firstly mentioned in 1499 Czech as Blahustowicze.

It was a part of hranické manor of the Lords of Pernštejn. In the 16th century Jan of Pernštejn sold the town Hranice even with its villages Blahutovice and Polouvsí to Vaclav Haugwicov of Biskupic, after that the owners rapidly changed. The last owner before the Battle of White Mountain 1620 was Vaclav Moll of Modřilice, his estates Hranice and Drahotuše were confiscated, and so the village fell as a confiscate together with the whole hranické manor into the ownership of the bishop and cardinal of Olomouc František of Ditrichštejn. The village has been due to the depopulation after the Thirty Years´ War newly inhabited and germanised (ger. Blattendorf). The main way to earn a living was through agriculture and stock raising. Since 1905 had the village a cement factory and sawmill. There were located two mills on the stream.

The village Blahutovice was since 1850 until now a part of the judicial and political region Nový Jičín. It was integrated to Jeseník in the Nový Jičín deanery. A school in Blahutovice is firstly mentioned in 1795, a Czech school was founded after 1945, at the present within the integration with Jeseník nad Odrou the school was closed down. After World War II was the (communal farming) JZD founded, in 1949 it became a part of JZD Jesenicko, today it is bankrupt. A matter of great interest was the finding of a prehistoric settlement (a fireplace and some tools) on a field in the western direction of the village, probably a settlement of the agricultural danubian folk, which was explored by the famous archaeology professor K. J. Maška (now deposited in the museum in Nový Jičín and in Brno).

On a seal purchased in 1766 was a view on indicated grounds depicted and two rural houses, above which three birds float.

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